You must have a good playlist! OK, maybe not must. I’m sure there are writers out there who prefer silence or general ambient noise. But I gotta have music, especially on the days I’m working at the library. Otherwise all I want to do is people watch! I still do a fair amount of that (it’s good to give your eyes a break from the laptop screen, right?), but the music keeps me focused on the task, whether that’s editing or writing. So, what does this writer listen to? It depends on what I’m working on. And one of the great joys (**cough, cough** procrastination tools **cough, cough**) of starting a new story is building a playlist for it. And, ok, yeah, it is partially procrastination, but it helps me get to know my characters. But for this particular story, Almost Like Magic, I have a playlist that reflects the tastes of all three of my main characters. 
Stella is a fan of classic rock and newer, indie rock.
Cole is also a classic rock fan. I have my brother and dad to thank for all of these tunes.
Mikey, well … he’s into country music. For this, I thank my friend Ron
I add new music as I find it, and it seems to strike a chord (hahahahahahahaha! Writers are punny) with either the story as a whole or one of the characters. I recently bought Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy – and yes, it is awesome – and added the songs to my playlist. The list of songs for ALM is almost 500 songs strong. But the music that truly captures the heart of the story is a mere 15 songs:
With a few exceptions (Bad Company and Bon Jovi), I discovered all of the above songs – and artists – though the free music on iTunes and Amazon. Seriously, pick your genre, sort from low price to high, and start listening to samples! You never know what inspiration you’ll discover. I know I’ve got weeks’ worth of listening loaded …Happy writing.P.S. If  you haven’t already, come find me on Facebook and Twitter!