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Bewildering Stories: Homeward Bound

Lakeside Circus: He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands **NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Silverthought: The Sugar Pig

The WiFiles: Forked Tongues

Accidental Magic Project: an on-going writing project with the amazing August Niehaus (2012-)

Sorry, but you gotta buy these!

James Ward Kirk Fiction: Demonic Possession

World Weaver Press: Krampusnacht: Twelve Tales of Krampus

Urban Fey Press: Out of the Green: Tales from Fairyland

A Murder of Storytellers: Beyond the Nightlight

Interviews & reviews 🙂

Howling Turtle, on Krampusnacht: Twelve Tales of Krampus

Bitten by Books, on Krampusnacht: Twelve Tales of Krampus

Fang-Tastic Books, on Krampusnacht: Twelve Tales of Krampus

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