Thank you to my friend Ron for tagging me in his blog post about the Liebster Award … I think … just kidding. It’s an honor that he chose me to “win” this award. Though I don’t know if he’s friends with many other bloggers, so … there’s that. Anyway, you might be asking what the hell are the Liebster Awards? I am so glad you asked:


The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Awesome! Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.”
LiebsterAwardSo I’m a winner because Ron picked ME! Not only was I tagged, but he got to come up with ten questions for me to answer, so here goes!
Do you listen to music when you write?
Yes. A quiet room makes me twitchy. I actually create a playlist for each new story I work on. And yes, yes I am fully aware that making those playlists is a procrastination tool. It really does help me figure out my characters, though. Music cam tell you so much about a person, and it works for the fictional as well.
Do you have a story you want to write, but feel like you’re not quite ready to write?
This one isn’t quite to easy to answer. Mostly no, if I have the idea, it’s coming to me because I am ready to write it. But I do have a first draft (the very first full length novel I wrote) that I don’t feel experienced enough yet to edit and rewrite.
What, in your mind, equates success as a writer? Or, how will you know when you’ve “made it?”
It’s two-parted … First, to have someone I don’t know compliment my work. So I guess I’ve accomplished that! I’ve had several very nice things said about the short fiction I’ve had published. Second, though, will be when an agent or publisher want to print my book. It’s nothing against self-publishing. I’ve read several novels that didn’t follow the traditional route and loved them. But I’m old-school, I guess, and want the agent. The validation. I want to see my book(s) on shelves in bookstores and online.
Do you talk about writing with non-writers, or do you keep quiet about it?
I do, but no where near as much or as long-windedly! Unless they keep asking questions. It’s one of the reasons I love going to writer’s conferences. It is so much fun to talk about the art of writing with other people who get it.
Name one writer, living or dead, you’d want to hang out with, and why.
Only one? So not fair!There are a lot of authors currently living and writing who would be really fun to hang out with, but I’m going to say LM Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables fame. She was the first author to fully capture my imagination and make me want to be a writer, too. We could sit in a lovely field and drink raspberry cordials …
And now I’m going to cheat and give you second answer, one that’s totally sappy and I don’t give a heap of elephant’s crap what anyone else thinks. I want to hang out with my friends and writers Eva and Ron, Eva, especially (sorry Ron). She and I used to have these EPIC brainstorm-writing get togethers (all before children) and I miss those!
How long does it take you to write a first draft of a novel?
Before kids, it used to take 2-4 months.
And after kids? I have no freakin’ idea! I haven’t had time to write a first draft since my twin boys came long. But it’s taking me forever to get to my final draft, so I can’t even imagine how long a first draft will take. I might have to wait until they start school.
Do you wear pants while you write?
WELL NOW I DO! Dude, who’s been spying on me???

Seriously, though, yes, but as comfy as I can get away with. I used to be yoga pants or sweats because I was alone and writing at home. Now I have to leave the house to concentrate, so it’s usually jeans. And it sucks ass.

Where do you write?
Ah, nice lead in …
I go to the local library. I have “my spot” in the quiet room and can stay there for 5-6 hours. Since I usually only get one or two days a week to go (and thank all the gods for my wonderful nanny!), I’ve learned to make the most of it.
Do you let other people read your stuff as you write it, or wait until you have a readable draft before seeking outside opinion?
A very, very select two people get to read my first draft drivel. And only because they have shown over and over how helpful their early critique and questions can be for future drafts. (EWC you guys know who you are!)
What’s your favorite booze?
Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey. With Coke and a lime wedge. If that’s not available, I love trying new cocktails, especially ones with vodka or gin.
And now I get to do the tagging! And come up with ten questions …
So, I send you, my readers, to check out Tiffany Pitts. Once she answers my questions, she gets to tag a couple of friends and come up with ten questions for them!
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4. What’s your favorite procrastination tool?
5. Who/What inspires you?
6. Drinking and writing … yea or nay?
7. Can you talk about your current WIP?
8. Is there a book you wish you could claim as your own?
9. What are your thoughts on self-publishing vs the traditional agent method of getting published?
10. You can have ANY super power you want … what is it?