Yup … I’m doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year. I took the challenge in 2011, and “won” in that I wrote more than 50,000 words in 30 days.


A lot has changed in those four years: a move from Seattle to the SF Bay area, Double Trouble and all that comes with having not just kids but twins, and then a move from SF back to Seattle! Plus a lot of other life in and around all of that.


I wasn’t actually planning to do NaNo this year. But then I got a story idea. And then I got a part-time nanny who literally started last week.


So here I sit, in my little writer’s cottage, with chilly feet, intermittent internet, a fridge of snacks and Cherry Cokes, a playlist, and a story idea. And a wonderful husband who is watching Double Trouble all day so I can be out here writing. And isn’t my cottage office cute? Ok, it’s lacking some homeyness, but that’s coming in the next couple months. The most important thing is that there are Cherry Cokes in the fridge!

My writing space!

My writing space!












Best line of the day (so far): “Family or not, I’d stick a knife in his ribs if I didn’t need him.” It’s my favorite not so much for it’s lovely, flowing prose, but because it’s very telling of who the main character is, .


Up to 733 words, so halfway to my goal for the day, that I’m going to need to aim higher since I won’t have all day, every day to write.

And now, back to it!!! Good luck to all my friends participating, too! Let me know if you want the occasional kick in the ass/cheerleader boost from me. YOU CAN DO IT!