It’s hard not diving into the new story … I can’t even allow myself to think about it much or I’ll start to hear dialogue and see scenes … and won’t be able to write them down! But I can jot down a few ideas as they come, which is something, because my imagination is a hard one to reign in. So far I have:

  • Main character names
  • Their occupations (though they may tell me I’m wrong later)
  • Physical descriptions and age
  • An idea of the other characters I might need – like family, friends, co-workers
  • The motivations for at least one main character
  • And how the two people initially meet (tho that’s just in my head, I swear!)

Yet I want to know more! I want them to start talking to me. I want to get to know them … but that has to wait for another week. So I’m gathering websites that might be helpful, and trying to keep my mind on the book that should really have my full attention right now. Poor neglected little Almost Like Magic (heretofore known as ALM because I’m too lazy to write out the entire title) … pushed aside by the shiny new idea.

Really what I need to do is dive in, finish draft four of ALM in the next week , so I can let the major chopping it needs percolate in m head as I focus on something fresh. A little space is often a good thing, and then I can come back to ALM with fresh eyes for draft five.

But on that, I’m full from brunch and need a nap!