I’d fallen behind earlier in the week (the nano site claimed I would reach 50,000 words on December 2 … and that was not acceptable!). So, with the house to myself this weekend (and I did miss you, hubby, I swear. I even noticed that you weren’t around), I set a goal of 8,000 words. I’ll now admit that isn’t the number I hit …

Saturday’s word count: 5,588

Sunday’s word count: 5,688 (and that similarity is totally a coincidence – I stopped when I got too tired to focus on the screen)

Final word count for the weekend: 11,276

Total for the entire novel: 39,821

Meaning I have just a little more than 10,000 words to go to meet the NaNo challenge. But, and I’m putting this out there publicly now, my personal goal is 60,000 (and you know why RW!!!). So, the next 9 days are going to be busy. I think it’s doable, though.


On that note, happy writing, fellow WriMos! And good night!