First off, let me say HI! I’m back! And a belated Turkey Day to you all. The two days leading up to Thanksgiving were packed full of other stuff(ing), so I didn’t get much done on my NaNo novel. But I’d gotten myself so far ahead that it wasn’t really an issue. Now, there’s always a chance that I won’t make my personal goal, but at least I’ll “win” the NaNo challenge. And I have an amazing start on a novel that I absolutely will continue to work on. For those of you wondering, the current word count is: 43,554

The count-down is really on now, and even I’m starting to feel it! Kind of a buzzing … and I think my ears are going numb … So long as my fingers still work, I can push through anything.

My characters feel it, too, the anticipation and excitement as the end draws near. Three of them wouldn’t shut up this morning. So much so, that I got my lazy ass out of bed at 7:45. On a SATURDAY! Now that’s love and dedication. Of course, as a Cubs fan, I know all about that!

Anyway, with only five days left in the 30 day-50k word challenge, I wrote up a blurb for a friend’s blog about pacing yourself. You can check it out here. Now we’ll see if I can take my own advise — sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Good luck, fellow WriMos, as we all push through these last few days! If you need moral support, a kick in the pants, or a brainstorm session, you know how to find me.  🙂