I know I posted earlier today, but I have a small soapbox to hop on ….

I’m going to preface this by saying I’ve never read the comics, so maybe this is addressed differently there. This is only aimed at the movie.

So I’m watching Captain America on TV (mostly because it was on when I turned the TV on and I was too lazy to bother finding anything else. Also, you know, Chris Evans …). ANYWAY, the scene that struck a nerve was the one with Steve (Chris Evans) and Peggy (Hayley Atwell) in the car going through his old neighborhood. They’re chatting, and you can tell they’re getting along just fine, but it’s not like there’s any real mutual chemistry or bedroom eyes being thrown around. They’re colleagues. And that’s fine. She’s a tough, smart woman. He’s a nice, though shy, guy. Why wouldn’t and couldn’t they have a meaningful conversation?

Then, POOF! Ten minutes later he’s CAPTAIN AMERICA and she can barely keep her hand from his chest. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s CHRIS EVANS! I don’t blame her one bit. But why couldn’t they have shown her attracted to him as the scrawny Steve first? To the real Steve. Why does the smart woman in this movie fall for him only once he’s all muscled? Now, maybe it was just too subtle and I missed it, but shame on them. Show it to us.

It’s a disservice to her character, a lone woman in the boys’ club.

Don’t get me wrong here, please. I really like this movie (and The Winter Solider even more). It’s a really well thought out storyline in general with great characters. But it would have been nice to see a less shallow moment for Peggy. All that said, I’m also looking forward to the new TV series Agent Carter coming next year, and getting more of her story.

But what do you think? Had you ever noticed this before? Does it bother you, too? Or is it just late and I’m just tired?
**hops off soap box**
Good night, everyone.