Short post for today … my fingers are tired and it’s after 11 pm and I forgot to eat dinner (see how characters can be?). And the dog is looking at me like, “Um, don’t you know it’s time for BED?!”

After a slow start (see previous posts for the why of that), the words they is a flowing! I had a banner 5451 word day today and am up to 9010 words. Most of the characters have pretty distinct voices and have already thrown a couple of twists at me. You literally learn something new every day. And don’t ever, ever, EVER believe any writer who tells you they have control of the story or the characters. Especially the characters. They are in the driver’s seat and, if you’re lucky, they let you fasten the seat belt!

To hold you over, here’s a funny for you. It made me LOL … and it made me use LOL!!!

Happy end of daylight savings to most of the USA, too. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep my friends. Fellow WriMos, I expect you to get up an hour early and pad your weekend word count.