I’ve been heads down working on Almost Like Magic, desperately cutting, cutting, cutting … trying to get the word count to a reasonable number before I hand it over to an editor on January 16th. Fingers crossed I can remove another 10,000 words in the next five days!!!

BUT … to distract myself, and to have a little something else to work on to change things up, I started a year-long project with a friend. About a month ago August Williams posted a link to a blog of 50 Unexplained Black and White Photos. Most of the creepy images look like they are from the early 1900s, going maybe to the 1940s. She declared that they all deserved a story … to which I replied that we should do just that. And thus our project was born.

They say an image is worth 1,000 words. Well, occasionally that might be closer to 2,000.

Our first story went up last week, thanks to August, and mine is up today. Check it out here, and every Wednesday for the next 48 weeks. I will post here and then push them to facebook as well.